Imagine Austin Annual Report      September 2019

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Long Range Capital Improvement Program Strategic Plan

In June 2019, the Planning Commission recommended the Long Range CIP Strategic Plan to Council. This recommendation was accompanied by a comprehensive infrastructure assessment, a strategic investment analysis, and a rolling needs assessment.


The Long Range CIP Strategic Plan takes a robust, data-driven approach to long range capital program planning. The plan is used to inform decisions about current and future capital investments that collectively provide the infrastructure needed to support and shape the Austin around you. This approach advances the community’s vision as outlined in Imagine Austin and allows us to make strategic and coordinated investments.


2018 Small Area Plan Implementation Report

The Small Area Plan Implementation Annual Report provides an overview of the status of plan implementation across the city. The 2018 report is available now on a new web-based platform.


The Planning and Zoning Department monitors and supports the implementation of adopted small area plans. Small area plans include neighborhood plans and other specialized plans that are developed and adopted as attachments to Imagine Austin. Small area plans engage the community to articulate a long term vision for a specific area of the city. Each adopted small area plan provides a framework for actions to be taken by the City, neighborhood groups, decision makers, and others as funding and resources become available.


Of the 5,148 recommendations included in adopted small area plans, 2,084 (40%) are known to have been completed or are on-going and another 826 (16%) are planned or in progress. 

View the interactive report below and learn more at

Corridor Construction Program

Following the April 2018 adoption by Austin City Council of a $1.4 billion Corridor Construction Program, the City began preliminary engineering and design on mobility improvements for nine key corridors that are consistent with the Imagine Austin Growth Concept map. The program is now in the full design phase, with construction of some early-out critical safety and mobility projects underway. The Corridor Construction Program is funded in part by the voter-approved 2016 Mobility Bond. The investments will help to further the Compact and Connected vision of Imagine Austin.