Imagine Austin Annual Report      September 2019

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In early 2018, City Council adopted a citywide Strategic Direction for the next three to five years. Since then, City of Austin operations, departments, and priority programs have been working towards aligning our efforts to advance the outcomes as outlined in the plan. Together we strive to create a city of complete communities where every Austinites has choices at every stage of life that allow us to experience and contribute to the following outcomes:

Strategic Direction 2023

  • Economic Opportunity and Affordability: Having economic opportunities and resources that enable us to thrive in our community

  • Mobility: Getting us where we want to go, when we want to get there, safely and cost-effectively

  • Safety: Being safe in our home, at work, and in our community

  • Health and Environment: Enjoying a sustainable environment and a healthy life, physically and mentally

  • Culture and Lifelong Learning: Being enriched by Austin's unique civic, cultural, ethnic, and learning opportunities

  • Government That Works for All: Believing that city government works effectively and collaboratively for all of us - that it is equitable, ethical and innovative


The diagram to the right outlines how the six outcomes of the Strategic Direction 2023 relate to the eight priority programs of Imagine Austin.