Imagine Austin Annual Report      September 2019

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In late 2019, the City Council directed the City Manager to offer a new process leading to a Land Development Code that achieves the goals set out in the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan, the Strategic Housing Blueprint, the Watershed Protection Master Plan, and the Austin Strategic Direction 2023.

Land Development Code Rewrite


In developing a new process, the City Manager asked Council five policy questions that drive the content of the Land Development Code. The Council provided its policy direction and further directed staff to:

  • Create a new land development code and zoning map concurrently

  • Plan for approximately 400,000 units over the next 10 years as a means of achieving the 135,000 unit goal established by the Strategic Housing Blue Print

  • Encourage smaller scale, multi-family housing to address Austin’s missing middle housing types

  • Reduce minimum parking requirements

  • Provide a clear public process for Austinites, including timelines and opportunities for public input, and how their input has been received and used

  • Provide the draft code text and zoning map for Council action in October of 2019